Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random Thoughts - Last Run of the Week

Well, here are the highlights of some random thoughts from my last run of the week:

  • maybe a BLT, sweet potato fries and a large Miller lite are not a good pre-run meal

  • doing it for the kids

  • might as well go a little further - I'm already gonna have to wash these clothes anyway

So, I survived week one and just barely got my 20 in. yay... We had a crazy busy day today. Danny celebrated his first communion today, so, we hosted breakfast at our house with the family. Then, it was off to church for Danny's first communion. So amazing to see our son growing up and taking steps to follow Jesus. We're so proud.

As it always go with us, we always have more than one thing going on. Cole had his second degree black belt test today too. This was a four hour test. He did great; did several board breaks - one involving two 1" thick boards on top of each other. They were suspended between two concrete bricks. Crazy!

Then we were off to dinner. We were gone the entire day, an exhausting day. I immediately came in and threw on my running clothes to get in my last 2.5 miles for the week. I could have done it tomorrow but just couldnt stand the thought of it hanging over my head.

So, immediately I realized that my BLT dinner with potato fries and large beer might not have been the best choice.

As I'm running, I reminded myself that we are doing it for the kids. I was thinking how far would I run for my kids? If they were in pain, suffering, in need, whatever ---- I would run to the ends of the earth. Any parent would. So, for these children in Africa, I will run because they don't a mother to run to the ends of the earth for them.

As I was getting close to the end of my 2.5 mile run I thought maybe I should run a little further - I'm gonna have to wash these clothes anyway. That's the drawback of so much running - the laundry!!!

Week one is done.

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  1. Lisa, in case you didn't already know....I love you!