Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Girls

This picture was taken at our "1st Quarter Celebration." We are all on target with our miles and still going strong, meeting several times a week at 5:20am to pound the pavement for the children Acres of Love. We have raised almost $9000 so far!
We are running in the Long Beach Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday, Oct 9th.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Running in the Hail

Well, we had our long run on Saturday. A group of us (Jodi, Candace, ChrisAnn, Bradleigh, Erica and I) met down at North Beach. Erica actually got there early and did two miles before we arrived. Anyway, we split up in to two groups. We ran PCH from North Beach heading towards Dana Point Harbor. We started noticing a couple miles into it that there were drops on the ground. Eventually it started to really rain. Then we heard the rumble of thunder.

As we crossed the bridge over to what we lovingly call "exile island". It's really not a bad place to run but a few years ago when we first started adding a lot of miles we weren't real creative with the route. So, to add mileage we would run the island several times. You feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel going around and around. Its actually quite lovely, you can see the boats in the harbor, watch paddleboarders... The smell, though, not so good. I would says its a cross between rotting fish and mildew.

I'm getting sidetracked, as we walked over the bridge, it started to pour down rain. We were drenched.... We looked down and could see little pieces of ice on the ground. We could also feel them hitting us. It was hailing. Some were small like pebbles but others were the size of grapes. It's a pretty rare occurence for it to hail in Southern California. Bradleigh, Erica and I took shelter in the bathroom but we had endured the worst of it. The rain and hail stopped.

So, we posed to take this picture with the hail. This was around mile 5 and had 10 more miles to go in our wet clothes and sloshy shoes....

Not sure if this is a rave run but I can say we won't soon forget it and have earned our bragging rights.